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Corporate Training Solutions

ProfTalk.org utilizes scientifically validated principles of human behavior and research to help leaders and companies succeed. They design and deliver custom training solutions that align with your company’s goals to increase productivity, engagement, performance, and inspire each employee’s commitment and personal best.

A preview of offerings include:

  • The Leadership Challenge: Finding them, Growing Them, and Keeping Them
  • Growth Mindset Intervention: Gaining a growth mindset consistently predicts motivation, engagement, and positive response to setbacks.
  • Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Culture
  • Breaking the Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Steps to Active Listening
  • Multigenerational Communication
  • Training the Amygdala: Strategies for Crisis Management
  • Effective Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Component to Professional Success
  • Assertiveness: Techniques for Empowered Negotiations

Contact ProfTalk.org for additional personalized training solutions.

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